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Saeco Aulika HSC RI + Fridge

$3,899.00 Inc GST

Saeco Aulika HSC RI + Fridge

$3,899.00 Inc GST

Saeco Aulika High Speed is a professional high speed automatic coffee machine designed for the Office market, and is the expression of the high quality of Saeco technology. Suitable for an office with up to sixty staff.

This model of Saeco Aulika Top HSC RI version it is possible to choose the high-speed milk dispensing function, at the same time as the coffee dispensing one or in a sequence, first coffee, then milk.

The milk froth and temperature are perfect, in terms of texture and consistency: these are the two essential factors that guarantee the brewing of excellent cappuccino and tasty milk coffee. In addition, milk frothing is always regular, with no “splash“ effect.

Aulika HSC RI is also operated through a direct selection keypad, with an easily read display.

Technical Specifications:

  • Capacities for 1 kg coffee beans
  • 4 l water/water connection
  • 40 coffee grounds
  • 1 l drip tray One-Touch / High Speed Cappuccino
  • 2 coffee cups simultaneously
  • Hot water / steam wand Double pump, double boiler
  • Integrated Pinless Wonder Cappuccinatore Base for accessories and with extra capacity for coffee grounds
  • Key locks Steel conical blades Compatibility with payment systems