Cafetto Espresso Clean EVO 500gr

$19.95 Inc GST

Cafetto Espresso Clean EVO 500gr

$19.95 Inc GST

With its rapidly soluble and free-rinsing formulation, EVO® removes coffee oils, grounds and stains, improving the taste and aroma of espresso.
Ingredients are rapidly biodegradable and odorless.

Non-GMO and free from phosphates and chlorine.

Non-corrosive formulation to protect the machine.

A measuring scoop is included in 500g jars for accurate dosing.

Cafetto Espresso Clean 500gr

Cafetto espresso clean is the premium espresso machine cleaner for professional espresso machines.

Instructions for use:

  • Place a quarter of a teaspoon of cleaning product in the blind basket of your machine
  • Lock the portafilter (with blind basket) into place
  • Turn on the machine for ten seconds
  • Empty the water and coffee residue from the blind basket
  • Repeat the above ten times
  • Repeat without cleaning product until water is clear

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