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A complete collection of essential coffee accessories

A coffee machine and coffee beans play the primary role in making coffee, but you will need additional coffee machine accessories to achieve a cafe-like taste at home. At Segafredo Zanetti, you will find the highest quality tools from the world’s leading brands.

Coffee accessories like milk jugs, knock boxes, tampers, and group head brushes work together to help make the best coffee.

Coffee machine accessories for making the perfect coffee

Please browse our online catalogue and elevate your coffee experience. Whatever coffee machine accessories you need, we guarantee its highest quality, absolute safety, and long service life even under intense use.

Our range includes all the essential coffee accessories every barista needs:


Tempers are special tools used to form a coffee tablet, and tempering affects the overall taste and aroma of the entire beverage. You can find authentic Italian-quality tempers from Motta in our selection.


Thermometers measure milk and water temperature. You can also buy reliable pressure sensors from us, which are necessary to adjust espresso intensity.

Milk jugs

Milk jugs are also called pitchers, essential for making authentic coffee-based masterpieces with milk. The right milk jug can achieve the optimal consistency of milk and create an airy, light and delicate foam ideal for cappuccino, latte or breve. We offer high-quality stainless steel pitchers with ergonomic shapes and different spouts.

Head group brushes

Head group brushes are indispensable cleaning tools. Even the most titled barista cannot make delicious coffee from the best beans if the coffee machine is clogged with old, burnt coffee residue. Special cleaning brushes will help you quickly and safely remove waste from the coffee machine.

You can also find servers and funnels, coffee scales, table and floor knock boxes, coasters, spoons, and more in our collection. Aside from those, we offer the finest coffee beans, the best coffee machine accessories, and the highest quality items so you can enjoy the rich flavour of aromatic Italian espresso at home or the office.

Coffee accessories NZ for the best coffee experience

High-quality coffee accessories will help simplify the process of making coffee as much as possible, making it exciting and enjoyable. Furthermore, to ensure you get the most out of your coffee, we offer a large selection of specialty cappuccino, latte and espresso cups.

Explore our range of cup sets in different colours and styles, from classic black and white to exquisite chrome designs. The ideal size and top-notch quality materials will take your coffee experience to the next level.

Take home an authentic Italian coffee experience with Segafredo Zanetti

With more than 40 years in the coffee business, the Segafredo Zanetti team knows everything about the perfect coffee. Shop online and enjoy our fast shipping across New Zealand – wherever you are in the country, we’ll deliver to your door.

Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions about our range or services or fill out our online enquiry form. Alternatively, come into our Auckland showroom, and our coffee experts can help you pick the suitable coffee blends, machines and best coffee accessories.


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