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it’s more than a cup of coffee It’s an experience to be enjoyed

Coffee & Coffee Machines: Classic, Convenient and Customer-focused Coffee

A pick-me-up can instantly improve your mood and energy levels, and there's nothing better than homegrown roasted coffee in the morning. We at Segafredo pride ourselves on a timeless bean-to-cup experience beyond the typical coffee operations. Our service doesn't end with your coffee machine on your countertop; we ensure that you can utilise, operate and successfully take care of your machine.

Our post-purchase services show our genuine dedication to excellent coffee from selection to operation. You can rely on our 24/7 customer support to deliver the consistent quality the Segafredo brand is known for.

Premium Coffee Beans for an Excellent Brew

A perfect cuppa roasted coffee bean will help to support your employees' best performance even on the busiest Mondays. We believe the ideal cup starts with great-tasting roasts since flavour is at the forefront of the Segafredo brand's mission and vision.

Our company owns coffee plantations worldwide to ensure consistent, high-quality, premium beans year-round.

Reliable Coffee Machines from Segafredo

The coffee machine is an essential part of the entire coffee journey. It facilitates the beans-to-cup experience, bringing out the flavours you love and enjoy. So many challenges come with each espresso machine, and you can't go wrong with a trusted brand like Segafredo's Italian-grade La San Marco equipment.

We offer our commercial clients various rental options for affordability and a client-first approach.

Coffee Shop Supplies and Equipment

Coffee is often an essential part of a person's daily routine, whether you're getting one at home, in the office or a cafe. Segafredo’s coffee shop supplies and equipment contribute primarily to the experience, so source them from homegrown brands that are familiar and relatable.

Whether in a cafe or office setting, the Segafredo Zanetti coffee machine will give you the freshly-brewed coffee you crave alongside access to a friendly client services team that cares about your business as much as we do.

Machines for Commercial Cafes

The Segafredo Zanetti coffee machine is a trusted name in the coffee industry, with over five decades of coffee legacy. We provide full support to cafe businesses, from fantastic coffee roasts and excellent machine selection to friendly post-purchase support to maximise your return-on-investment.

We offer barista training to ensure your devices last an extended period, and your customer-facing staff can manage them successfully.

Machines for the Office

Creative and innovative things can happen after a cup of good coffee, so it's crucial to source your coffee shop supplies and equipment from a place that feels like home. We supply machines, and we can also teach your staff the art of making coffee with our bespoke barista training.

Our Italy-made standard office-use coffee machine is easy to handle and maintain so your employees can focus on doing what they do best.

Why Segafredo?

We believe that coffee is an overall sensory experience beyond taste, and we love to deliver on the promise of quality, convenience and customer satisfaction. Led by coffee merchants, Segafredo's delicious coffee bean roasts and classic Italian-grade La San Marco equipment will support your success whether in a commercial cafe or professional office setting.

We offer a wide array of cafe and office client support to ensure continuous satisfaction with our products. We proudly provide 24/7 coffee technician support to our clients in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Segafredo Zanetti NZ
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Norman MackayNorman Mackay
22:34 03 Nov 22
Excellent company to deal with. Great coffee beans, fast delivery, and extremely helpful..
Jolene ChidrawiJolene Chidrawi
22:55 30 Aug 22
I can not recommend this company enough. Excellent coffee and even better service. I received my order less than 24 hours after placing it!!! Carefully packaged and they just ooze professionalism - I had consistent communication from the minute I placed my order right through to delivery. Thanks very much!!!
Lilian KyleLilian Kyle
22:46 08 Jun 22
I ordered my coffee beans online, the website was easy to use, and the confirmation of the order came very quickly. The delivery was amazing, I received my order the very next day. I was very pleased.
Mark DenekampMark Denekamp
02:26 10 Apr 22
Resupply of the most delicious house blend beans to give us the best espresso coffee! No more having to wait in line at carts with the risk of not being able to get the right shot due to sudden lockdowns! Delivered rapidly in perfect order. Thank you Segafredo Zanetti NZ!
Pam GallagherPam Gallagher
21:27 10 Oct 21
Great service. Very quick delivery. Great to have the grinding and tamping all done automatically. Still playing around with coffee bean preference and trying to master frothing milk using wand.This machine has a milk carafe, but it only makes big bubbly froth which doesn't really work with a flat white or latte, hence trying to froth milk ourselves to get the micro bubbles. Apart from that, happy with our purchase.