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Cafe and restaurant

Segafredo Zanetti: The One-Stop Cafe Supplies Partner for Hospitality Services

Segafredo Zanetti offers a comprehensive range of cafe coffee machines to suit every business need, making our machines the natural choice for restaurants, cafes and hotel establishments primed for success. The company has international hospitality industry experience, helping businesses from start to finish and optimising each machine’s value with financing options, promotional materials, post-sales services and ongoing 24/7 customer support.

Commercial Coffee Machines for Restaurants

Buying coffee equipment from a retail store often means that interactions will end at the cash register. Segafredo Zanetti understands that aside from the best cafe coffee machines, you also need the assurance that help will be there when most required, especially post-purchase.

Our company offers round-the-clock New Zealand-wide coffee machine technician support so that we can aid you whenever you need assistance. Our friendly and reliable customer support service will help your business run smoothly with minimal downtime.

Coffee Machines for Your Cafe

Segafredo provides free barista training, on-site or at our premises, to equip your staff for intensive day-to-day operations with the cafe equipment. Along with the company’s commercial cafe equipment brand, La San Marco, Segafredo Zanetti offers top-of-the-line devices compatible with frequent high-volume usage. We’ll ensure that your cafe can handle high customer demand without fail.

Cafe Supplies from Segafredo

Every business needs complete cafe supplies, and Segafredo Zanetti prides itself on being a one-stop shop for all things coffee. The company’s different coffee plantations in various regions enable us to provide the highest quality coffee beans at a competitive price.

Our online store offers cafe items like commercial coffee machines of all sizes, grinders, utensils, jugs and boxes. We provide consumable products like syrups, teas, coffee capsules, and whole and ground coffee beans. We even have vending products and cleaning supplies to maximise your experience and help your business thrive.

Leasing and Finance Options

Every business needs to make the most of its capital. The Segafredo Zanetti leasing and finance opportunities allow more budget for your everyday business functions. The option is 100% tax deductible, enabling you to repurpose your commercial coffee machine funds elsewhere. The company wants your business to succeed.

La San Marco Commercial Coffee Machines

The Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group founded La San Marco Coffee Equipment in 1920, and the range quickly became recognised for its innovation and design worldwide. La San Marco continues to be the top producer of the traditional lever system machines, holding the exclusive international Controlled Lever Anti-Shock System patent for semi-automatic and automatic espresso machines.

The Research and Development team at La San Marco constantly collaborates with the Segafredo Zanetti master coffee roasters; perfecting the coffee-making process and ensuring the best coffee cup. The direct link between a coffee producer and an equipment manufacturer guarantees the best commercial coffee machine technology available on the market.

Over the years, the company has offered various products, from large to small commercial coffee machines depending on business requirements; putting client needs first. The company maintains its promise of high-quality devices after over a century in the coffee-making business. For more information, give our coffee experts a call on 0800 377 737 to discuss your individual requirements.


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