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About Segafredo Zanetti Coffee

Segafredo Zanetti New Zealand is proud to bring the world’s most famous and appreciated coffee to the homes, offices and cafes of New Zealand. Coffee lovers the world over have come to know that one of the core values of the Segafredo Zanetti brand is quality.

Segafredo Zanetti is the only coffee company in the world that can ensure quality by controlling the whole production process from plant to cup . We control plantations in the best coffee growing regions of the world and have roasting facilities which are equipped with the latest technology to ensure consistently roasted beans.


Segafredo Extra Mild Coffee

Segafredo Extra Mild

Don’t be fooled by the name – Segafredo Extra Mild still packs a punch! On its own or with milk, Extra Mild is sweeter and smoother than other blends, but is still strong enough to cut through the tallest Caffe Latte.

Segafredo Massimo Coffee

Segafredo Massimo

A perfectly crafted roast from Central and South America. Massimo is famous for its chocolate and sweet tones. Massimo is Segafredo’s number one selling blend in Melbourne, the coffee capital of Australia!

Segafredo Extra Strong Coffee

Segafredo Extra Strong

Segafredo’s Extra Strong is made with premium grade high altitude Arabica beans to create a perfectly balanced drink. Extra Strong is full bodied with a smooth, strong unique taste that you won’t find in any other blend.

Segafredo tiktak

Segafredo Tiktak

A Fairtrade Organic certified coffee featuring a superb blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. This dark roast produces a well rounded coffee that is rich in flavour. Certified as the official coffee of the Dutch Royal House.

The Fine Art of Roasting Coffee Beans

Roasting beans the right way is both an art and science. It requires a refined taste combined with an eye towards precise measures and ratios.

Segafredo Zanetti takes time-tested Venetian roasting techniques handed down through the years and combines them with technological innovations backed by years of scientific research. Our passion for insatiable research has allowed us to keep up with the times, while keeping our foundations firmly rooted in our history.

Biodegradable Coffee Capsules

We offer a range of environmentally friendly coffee capsules that are 100% biodegradable. These were developed in conjunction with the University of Milan. EcoPure is added to the plastic in our coffee capsules to make them biodegradable. EcoPure won’t interfere with the flavour of the coffee and allows the capsule to be deposited with your green. These capsules biodegrade 230 times quicker than traditional capsules!

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