Eureka Mignon Libra

$1,550.00$1,670.00 Inc GST

Eureka Mignon Libra

$1,550.00$1,670.00 Inc GST

Eureka Mignon Libra Coffee Grinder is the first ever Mignon grinder to feature the exclusive Grind-by-Weight Technology. This revolutionary technology guarantees coffee grind consistency and eliminates unnecessary coffee wastage.


Eureka Mignon Libra Coffee Grinder perfectly blends its brand popularity and its exclusive Grind-by-Weight Technology. Making it the first ever Mignon grinder to feature such a new technology.

If you had to some up the Mignon Libra, its all about: consistency and zero wastage. Its revolutionary system Patent Pending allows you to weigh the grind coffee into portafilter while grinding in real time. What does this mean? Your coffee routine will be quicker, easier and with the added bonus of reducing coffee waste!

The Mignon Libra’s intuitive touch display makes easy to use, and eliminates unnecessary headaches. Its special fork is designed to fit any portafilter, and can be easily regulated by hand without the need of an extra tool.


Type: Flat
Diameter: 65 mm
Material: Hardened steep

Touch Display: Yes
Dose counter: Yes

Traction: Direct
Revolutions per minute: 1350
Power absorbed: 310 watt
Feeding: Single phase

Available versions: 2 doses & continuous
Stepless micrometric adjustment: Yes
Bean hopper capacity: 300 gr
Productivity (g/s): 1,4 – 1,8 espresso
Brew: 1,9 – 2,5

Height: 350 mm Width120 mm Depth180 mm
Weight: 5,6 kg

Additional information

Weight 5.6 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 35 cm

Black, Chrome, White