Eureka Atom Specialty 60mm

$1,700.00$1,840.00 Inc GST

Eureka Atom Specialty 60mm

$1,700.00$1,840.00 Inc GST

Discover the perfect grind with the Eureka Atom 60mm. This grinder offers silent operation, high-speed dispensing, and versatile burrs suitable for both Espresso and Filter coffee. Its precise Stepless Micrometric Regulation System and ACE System ensure consistent, clean results. Key features include 60mm flat burrs, a powerful 450-watt motor, and a 510g bean hopper. Enjoy exceptional grinding performance in a compact, quiet package.



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Experience Precision, Speed, and Silence in Every Grind

The Eureka Atom 60mm grinder is the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and meticulous craftsmanship, tailored for both coffee shops and home enthusiasts who demand excellence in every cup.

Silent Technology
Revolutionize your coffee experience with Eureka’s exclusive Silent Technology. This innovative anti-vibration solution reduces grinding noise by approximately 20 dB, ensuring a tranquil environment whether you’re at home or in a bustling café. Enjoy accurate and quiet grinding without disturbing the peace.

“High Speed” Grind Dispersion
Speed meets precision with Eureka’s “High Speed” label. Our advanced engine-burrs set, developed by our R&D department, delivers rapid dispensing times, allowing you to serve your customers faster without compromising on coffee quality. Experience elevated performance with each grind.

Versatility in Brewing
Our specially designed burrs cater to both Espresso and all varieties of Filter coffee. This versatile grinding technique ensures that whether you’re making a robust espresso or a delicate filter coffee, the Eureka Atom 60mm meets your every need.

Stepless Micrometric Regulation System
Achieve unparalleled precision with Eureka’s patented Stepless Micrometric Regulation System. This unique feature allows infinite adjustment points and is based on the lower burr repositioning, ensuring consistent grinding performance. Additionally, it simplifies maintenance operations without losing your preferred grind setting.

ACE System – Anti-Clumps & Electrostaticity
Maintain the purity and consistency of your coffee with the ACE System. Designed to prevent clump formation and eliminate electrostatic charge, this system ensures a cleaner operation and precise dosing. Enjoy smooth and reliable coffee outflow every time.

Effortless Maintenance
Eureka’s “High Speed” Maintenance system ensures that upkeep is both quick and easy. With a burrholder set that dismantles by removing only 9 screws, you can replace and clean the burrs swiftly, saving time and preserving coffee quality.

All-Purpose Fork for “Hands-Free” Operations
Efficiency meets convenience with our all-purpose fork. Designed to fit any portafilter, it allows baristas to multitask during the grinding phase, enhancing productivity and ease of use.

Key Features:

    • Type: Flat (specific design)
    • Diameter: 60 mm
    • Material: Hardened steel
    • Coloured display
    • Dose counter
    • Spotlight on filter holder
    • Traction: Direct
    • RPM: 1350
    • Power: 450 watt
    • Feeding: Single phase
    • Stepless micrometric adjustment
    • Bean hopper capacity: 510 g
    • Productivity: 1.9 – 3.1 g/s for Espresso, 2.5 – 3.7 g/s for Brew

Elevate your coffee grinding experience with the Eureka Atom 60mm – where silence, speed, and precision meet for the perfect brew.

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Weight 9.5 kg
Dimensions 27.7 × 20.5 × 54 cm

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