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Burr Coffee Grinders

Segafredo burr grinders are a great choice for coffee enthusiasts who want to produce high-quality coffee at home or in a commercial setting. With premium materials and durable construction, they come in various sizes and designs, so you can find one that suits your needs and preferences.
Explore our wide range of burr grinders at Segafredo Zanetti to complete your coffee equipment. Whether you are a cafe owner or a home coffee brewer, there is sure to be a perfect solution for you.

What is a burr grinder?

Burr grinders are considered the best option for professional and novice coffee brewers. These devices can introduce you to different grinds and let you experiment with grinding to find the right size for each coffee maker. For example, automatic espresso machines, cappuccino makers, and French presses require different levels of coffee grind. With coffee grinders, you can adjust the grinding size accordingly to create that perfect cup every time.

Generally, a burr grinder uses two rotating grinder wheels to crush coffee beans into consistent particles. The burrs are made of different materials, such as ceramic or stainless steel, and can be adjusted to produce different particle sizes depending on the coffee brewing method used. As a result, you get evenly ground coffee, leading to better flavour and aroma.

An extensive selection of burr grinders for commercial and home use

Segafredo Zanetti offers a wide range of burr grinders to meet the needs of all coffee enthusiasts. Whether you need a high-performance device for a cafe or a compact and easy-to-use option for your home, we have something for everyone.

Our commercial-grade burr grinders feature powerful motors that can grind up to 18 kg of coffee beans per hour, making them an excellent option for restaurants and cafes. Most devices have an automatic dosing system that can dispense precise amounts of coffee grounds, making them easy to use and maintain. Plus, they include large capacity bean hoppers, which means you don’t have to refill them frequently.

If you are looking for a high-quality burr grinder for your home brewing setup, we also have the perfect option for you. Our selection includes a range of compact yet powerful machines perfect for home use. They can grind up to 250g of coffee beans per minute and come with adjustable grind settings, allowing you to produce different particle sizes for various brewing methods.

When choosing a suitable model, you should also consider the mill type. Conical grinders provide perfectly consistent grinding, but they work slowly. Flat ones are more productive, but due to the high rotation speed, they may produce a different flavour.

Browse our wide selection of grinders – we offer premium devices from the best coffee brands like La San Marco, Eureka, Mazzer, and more. Every burr grinder has detailed information on its page that will help you make an informed decision. You can also ask our team of experts for advice or guidance – they are always available to assist you.

Enjoy online shopping at Segafredo Zanetti

Segafredo Zanetti is a well-known brand in the coffee industry that offers high-quality brewing equipment coupled with excellent customer service. Take advantage of our competitive prices and convenient payment options, and feel free to contact us with any questions about our products or services. You can always count on us to enhance your coffee experience.


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