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Bialetti Seal Filter SS

$13.70 Inc GST

Bialetti Seal Filter SS

$13.70 Inc GST

Is your stovetop coffee maker leaking? Order a Bialetti Seal Filter Stainless Steel online and get it delivered to you overnight. New Zealand wide. Select from the sizes available below for dimensions.

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Bialetti Seal Filter Stainless Steel

Bialetti Seal Filter Stainless Steel – suitable for Musa & Venus stovetop espresso makers.

Enduring Italian Quality & Design

In Italy, where the kitchen is the heart of the home, where coffee is a passion that brings friends and family together, Bialetti is found in nine out of ten households.

Bialetti first brought the world the legendary Moka Express stovetop espresso maker in 1933, revolutionising the way Italians enjoyed their beloved espresso forever. Today, Bialetti has truly earned its iconic status with coffee lovers and design aficionados.



4 Cup, 6 Cup, 10 Cup