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Feeling the itch to travel? Italy is closer than you think.

Borders are closed, flights cancelled and for some reason the urge to travel has never been higher. It’s weird how we always want what we can’t have. At the same time, there has never been a better opportunity to explore this beautiful country we call home, and let’s face it, who needs to travel abroad when we have the entire Middle-Earth at our doorstep..?

If the itch for travel is too strong however, there are still ways to get to places like Italy without the 28-hour flight…

Terra Mia in Arrowtown have brought the Italian alps to, let’s face it, the superior mountain range, but with the taste and experience you would otherwise only find in Italy.

Alberto from Terra Mia explains further:
– We use only quality produce and we are 100% authentic Italian with no compromise. Most of our products are imported directly from Italy unless they are locally sourced. After the lockdown, our customers have been very loyal and supportive, we have thanked them with local discounts and are constantly being told they don’t need to go to Italy to feel in Italy.

We’d love for you to come by even for a takeaway while exploring Arrowtown, and to protect our beautiful town we are fully plastic free and encourage the use of keep cups.

It may be cold outside, but that will only make that Italian hot chocolate or Macchiato taste even better.