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How to steam milk like a Barista

We believe in good coffee and we also think there is no better way to impress your friends than to casually serve them an artfully poured latte. In this post we will give you some tips on how to steam milk like a Barista.

Here are some tips for using milk as paint and espresso as a canvas to create beautiful and wonderful tasting latte.

1. Fill the jug with milk: Don’t get us wrong we realise may sounds obvious but it’s really quite important to get the right amount of milk in your jug. Fill the milk half way up the jug until the the milk hits the ‘v’ of the jug spout. Too much and it will overflow.

2. Steam wand position: The tip of the steam wand should be just below the surface of the milk for the entire time you are steaming the milk. You should occasionally hear a sucking/tearing noise. If you are getting a loud screeching noise, the steam wand is in too far.

3. Swirl: Place the steam wand to the side of the jug and tilt the jug slightly. This creates a swirling motion in the milk, which keeps the milk nicely blended and smoothes out any bubbles.

4. Heat: Turn off the steam wand when the milk has reached 65 degrees or is too hot to touch for more than one second.  Milk will separate at 72 degrees C.

5. Bye bye bubbles: Once the milk is hot keep it moving by swirling it around the side of the jug. If there are any bubbles, give the jug a heavy knock on the bench (skim the bubbles off the top with a spoon if necessary). The more shiny the milk the better. You want the milk to look like wet paint.

6. Pour: The idea is to pour the milk into the coffee at a steady pace and at a low height (get as close to the espresso shot as possible.

Well done! Now you can steam your milk like a professional Barista. Got a milk steaming tip? Share it with us in the comments below!


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