Carimali Armonia Soft Plus

Original price was: $12,799.00.Current price is: $10,200.00. Inc GST


Carimali Armonia Soft Plus

Original price was: $12,799.00.Current price is: $10,200.00. Inc GST

Armonia Soft Plus is defined by a 7 inch touch screen display, completely customisation depending on the user demands.
Up to 30 drink selection can be loaded (max.10 per page), like coffee drinks, milk-based drinks, instant products and hot water. Users can upload movies, sounds or customised images per each single drink: Armonia Soft Plus is provided with loudspeaker. All machine parameters and settings are customisation and adjustable directly from the user interface.
Armonia Soft Plus is available in 2 models: Easy e LM, with many available configuration. Available also in Self configuration, perfect for offices and communities.
Armonia Soft Plus could be combined with A01 add-on-units line.

Detect over temperatures of milk and consequently stop milk-based drinks; detect empty milk cartons and stop milk-based drinks


MTT Milk Pump System
An auxiliary pump, to dispense milk-based drinks at the desired temperature with a perfect foam


Assure maximum hygiene conditions of the complete milk circuit and steam boiler through an integrated rinsing system


Patented technology to maximise energy saving, guarantee high production capacity and reduce power consumption


USB Connection
Copy and load machine parameters and settings, customise user interface graphics


Useful speaker that allows the user to customise the machine using sounds: play music, promotions and any information via USB connection


All in One Cleaning
All cleaning operations are completely automatic to save time and cut down on operating costs. The operator takes only few minutes to start the cleaning, which runs automatically


Technical specifications

Coffee and steam boiler capacity  – 1.0 l each

Coffee grounds bin capacity – 60 pcs

Coffee hopper capacity – 0.6 Kg (Maxi 1.1 Kg)

Delivery spout range – 95-155 mm

Dimensions – W 324 x D 560 x H 717 mm

Display – 7″ Touch screen

Gross weight Easy – 45 Kg – LM: 49 Kg

Instant container capacity – 2.0 l (Maxi 3.0 l)

Net weight Easy – 38 Kg – LM: 42 Kg

Voltage/Total power –
Easy 120V 1+N 50/60Hz 1.350W
200V 1+N 50/60Hz 1.914W
230V 1+N 50/60Hz 1.950W
240V 1+N 50/60Hz 2.124W

Voltage/Total power –
LM 120V 1+N 50/60Hz 2.550W
200V 1+N 50/60Hz 3.114W
230V 1+N 50/60Hz 3.150W
240V 1+N 50/60Hz 3.160W

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