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Automatic Coffee Machines

Our hectic lifestyle makes it nearly impossible to enjoy our morning coffee ritual while preparing for work, school, or at work itself. Fortunately, you can brew incredibly delicious coffee in seconds with automatic coffee machines. The perfect combination of classic brewing traditions and cutting-edge technology innovations enables these machines to make your life easier and more comfortable and let you truly enjoy your coffee-making experience.

Check out our selection of professional coffee makers for the home or office to enjoy the best coffee with the touch of a button. Whether you prefer strong espresso or a delicate latte, an automatic coffee machine NZ will perfectly manage any task.

Brew with the best automatic coffee machine

You need to grind the beans, measure their amount, tamp, spill, foam the milk and remove ground disposal are necessities in making a great cup of coffee, but you won’t always have the time to do them. Automatic coffee machines make a variety of coffee drinks quickly and easily without requiring a barista’s assistance.

The tamping technique, dosage, and proper brew time and temperature determine the coffee’s quality are parameters that the automatic coffee machine takes care of, letting you set personal requirements on the amount of water, milk, and coffee you like.

There is nothing better than freshly ground coffee in terms of taste and aroma. A Saeco coffee machine with a built-in coffee grinder will always serve you the freshest drink from beans ground directly for your portion at a fraction of the time required.

When you buy fully automatic coffee machine, you can save up to 20 different settings so that every employee can enjoy the perfect coffee according to their recipe.

Italian-grade automatic coffee machines

Getting a cup of coffee is an essential daily ritual for most people. Our top-notch coffee machines, quality coffee beans and all necessary equipment can make every coffee experience exceptional. Segafredo offers a wide range of automatic coffee machines from the leading Italian brands, known for their reliability and excellent quality.

Our Saeco and Gaggia coffee machines for sale deliver consistently good brew. Their programmable settings allow you to create unique coffee beverages with aroma, richness, and strength that suit your personal preferences. From the classic espresso to latte macchiato, the options are almost endless.

These machines extract the best from any coffee bean and roast level. Whether it’s an exclusive coffee blend, rare coffee, or even a simple blend bought in a regular store, with the automatic coffee machine from Segafredo, you can make an excellent cup of coffee every time you press the button.

Automatic coffee machines for the New Zealand homes and offices

All Segafredo Zanetti espresso machines are easy to use, reliable and durable. Whatever option you choose, you can be sure of solid construction and superior craftsmanship. Take advantage of our Special Offers, which ensure a beautiful coffee experience.

We provide full post-purchase support, from 24/7 technician support to professional barista training. Our commercial clients can also expect various rental options. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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