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Coffee Vending Machines

Premium Coffee Vending Machine NZ

Mornings are often too busy for people to enjoy a cup of coffee at home, so they order it to go or purchase it from a coffee vending machine. This coffee equipment became very popular, offering a convenient and fast way to enjoy delicious coffee anytime and anywhere, whether you are at work, running some errands or having a lunch break.

Segafredo Zanetti offers a range of high-quality coffee vending machine selection from the leading Italian brand Saeco that you may rent and purchase on a free on-loan basis. Get in contact with our coffee experts to know more about our payment and service options.

Advantages of coffee vending machine products at Segafredo

Coffee vending machine selections are ideal for large offices, warehouses or hospitality environments such as hotels, dairies or fast food restaurants. At Segafredo Zanetti, you will find a range of premium machines from world-renowned brands like Saeco and Carimali offering various types of coffee equipment with different drinks menus, designs, dimensions, and performance features.

You can choose fresh or powdered milk options, machines with touch screens or button control, coffee units using freshly ground coffee beans or instant products. Some models offer up to 20 different brew recipes, from traditional Italian espresso, cappuccino, and latte to exclusive lungo, breve, and romano.

Our coffee vending machine products have the following benefits:

  • Durability
  • Innovative technologies of coffee brewing
  • An intuitive interface
  • A stylish design complementing any environment and attract customers
  • Ease of cleaning and repairing
  • Safety and security

All our coffee machines are highly efficient and come with a warranty.

Choosing the right coffee vending machine

There are several features to consider when selecting a coffee vending machine:

Beverage brewing options

Some vending models are designed for instant coffee only, and others can use coffee beans. The number of available recipes can also differ from 4-5 to more than 20 different beverages. Innovative coffee vending machine items can not only make hot and cold drinks of various kinds but also allow customers to select combinations of ingredients to their liking.

Available payment methods

Most machines are equipped with cash, coin and card slots and support the most commonly used parallel and serial payment systems.

Machine capacity

This parameter indicates the number of cups of coffee the machine can prepare in one day. If you need a coffee vending machine for the office – up to 150 cups per day will be enough, and for hotels and airports, it may require 400+ coffees per day.


All our machines have a stylish, distinctive design that attracts the attention of customers and workers. Made of high-quality materials, automatic vending units are vandal-resistant and built to last.

Additional functionality

Premium coffee vending machine for sale offer a range of additional functions, like the ability to precisely adjust the amount of sugar or change the degree of grinding of beans. The machine can also be equipped with all necessary accessories, such as stirrers, sugar, and cups.

You can always rely on our friendly coffee experts if you’re still unsure about your choice of coffee-making equipment – they’ll be happy to help you decide which machine is best suited to your requirements.


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