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The perfect hot drink consumables for any time of the day

Making your coffee vending machine profitable means not only choosing the right location but also stocking it with high-quality drinks and consumables. Here at Segafredo Zanetti, you can find everything you need, from premium coffee and tea to hot chocolate, soup and syrup.

Enjoy delicious beverages no matter what time of the day with our wide range of hot drink consumables. Contact our expert team to consult on the best options for your needs and get free delivery on domestic orders over $50.

All your favourite hot drink consumables at Segafredo Zanetti NZ

It takes just seconds for a modern coffee vending machine to provide a delicious cup of coffee, just like those served in a cafe or restaurant. At Segafredo Zanetti, we offer not only high-quality ground coffee and beans but an extensive selection of hot drink consumables to help you get the delicious aromas and flavours you love at any time.

Whether you want dark hot chocolate, immunity-boosting tea, sweet cappuccino with nutty syrup or pumping espresso with cream and sugar, we have all ingredients you need:

Hot Chocolate

Check out our vending hot chocolate A harmonious combination of cocoa beans, whole milk powder, and sugar creates a delicious drink with a thick texture, a luxurious aroma and a refined taste with a spicy bitterness typical of dark chocolate. The product quickly dissolves without residue and is suitable for any coffee vending machine.

Tea or Chai

Tea is one of the world’s favourite drinks with a rich taste and aroma and many health benefits. If coffee is ideal for a refreshing start to the day, hot tea is perfect for any time and can help both revitalise and relax. Boost your immune system with antioxidants from the Arkadia Chai Tea Spice, or enjoy the soothing cinnamon flavour of black tea with SHOTT Chai Cinnamon Notes.


Vending milk powder is specially developed for automatic coffee machines and perfectly complements any hot drink. It has a unique, fresh taste (no starch or preservatives) and a finely granulated structure that allows for better frothing and easier mixing. Segafredo milk powders for vending dissolve quickly, do not cause machine clogs and produce a thick, creamy foam, perfect for milk-based drinks.


High-quality syrups can make a basic beverage taste better, add an unusual aftertaste, or even transform it into a delicious dessert. With our wide variety of SHOTT syrup flavours, you can discover endless possibilities when searching for your perfect recipe: from sweet coffee with caramel flavour to unique cuppa with a hint of spicy notes. Experience an authentic Chai latte with SHOTT’s Chai Vanilla, or enjoy a sweet and nutty addition to your favourite drink with SHOTT’s Hazelnut – there are plenty of ways to awaken your senses.


Hot soup is the perfect snack for a busy afternoon at the office. Choose Maggi Instant Chicken Soup Mix to experience the delicious flavour of homemade chicken broth, or opt for Maggi Vending Tomato Soup with a creamy, sweet tomato flavour to spice up your day.

Explore our range of hot drink consumables to awaken your senses in the morning and make you feel relaxed at night.

Segafredo Zanetti NZ is your reliable vending partner

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